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17mm socket & 1/2" ratchet for drain plug removal/install; torque wrench, as needed; Engine Oil Filter Torque: 12Nm / 8.7ft-lb (from an Accord factory service manual, see below) Engine Oil Drain Plug Torque: 39Nm / 29ft-lb (from User's Manual) Engine Oil Change Capacity: 5.7 US qt oil (from User's Manual) Source for engine oil filter torque spec:. Such as at a quick-lube place. And because the threads in the oil pan are coated with oil, it has to be a wet torque spec. So, the drain plug is tightened by feel. Tester. Nevada_545 July 15, 2016, 5:55am #4. Torque spec for a Toyota drain plug with the aluminium washer is usually between 28-30 ft-lb.

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